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Future Boston Alliance Manifesto

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Future Boston Alliance Manifesto

We proclaim today that Boston is less than the sum of its parts. This is despite being among the world leaders in many of the growth industries of the new Millennium Biotech, Hi-tech, Financial Services, Advertising, Higher Education, and Venture Capital. The Future Boston Alliance is an organization that has come together to advocate and support the progressive and cultural growth of the city in the 21st century. Boston is viewed internationally as a cultural and intellectual hub but falls short in so many areas, the Future Boston Alliance believes that all of Boston’s tremendous qualities have not been fully harnessed!

We come to this criticism out of a love for Boston and for a desire to see the city’s greatest potential reached. We fully reject outright the attitude that if you criticize the city or dislike certain aspects then you should leave. That speaks from a defensiveness and insecurity we do not have as we believe whole heartedly that Boston can return to its rightful place and once again be one of the premiere global cities for arts, culture, and innovation.

We want to help overcome the past obstacles: of parochialism, ethnic, racial, and cultural divisions, bureaucracy, and Puritanism. Much progress has been made in the last 20 years but the Future Boston Alliance will do its part to usher the last remnants of these crippling obstacles out the door.

We will fight to stem the tide of the brain drain of creative people leaving Boston every year because they do not have the support or network they need.  The City has failed to help nurture or assist the young creative talent in Boston and if anything created a hostile environment where ideas and creativity must struggle to flourish.  We will be there to counteract the current archaic environment and where possible, change it.

We will also do everything we can to support and nourish new ideas, music, arts, culture, new creative based companies, programs, legislation, and knowledge based industries. If these vital pieces of the City’s cultural life are threatened just as the Sons of Liberty stood up to protect the freedom and liberty of Bostonians 237 years ago, the men and women of the Future Boston Alliance will be there to protect the creative freedom and liberty of Bostonians today.

This will include but not be limited to strategy assistance, plannings, fund raising, forums, events, advocacy, and attendance at public meetings and hearings.

The Future Boston Alliance will have monthly board meeting, as well as meetings of specific committees, and host cultural events.